Bareerah jilbab mint

Bareerah jilbab mint 1000.00-1400.00

hajj, summer, jilbab-khimar, kids


Bareerah jilbab mint-style-Only Jilbab 42 inch-1

style: Only Jilbab 42 inch

upto 7years


Bareerah jilbab mint-style-plump pant-3

style: plump pant


Bareerah jilbab mint-style-Only jilbab 50 inch-2

style: Only jilbab 50 inch

from 7-11 years


We have 2 different length of Kids jilbab.
 Length 42 will be fit for 2-7 years
Length 50 will be fit for 7-11 years
12 years need adult size
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