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Boho skirt

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summer modest-dress skirt-palazzo-pant-plump-pant

skirt modest-fashion hijab-fashion

Boho skirt-color-Black-1

color : Black

Material swiss cotton


Boho skirt-color-Lux pink-2

color : Lux pink

Fabric cherry


Boho skirt-color-Purple-3

color : Purple

Fabric cherry


Boho skirt-color-Rose-4

color : Rose

Fabric cherry


Boho skirt-color-printed navy-5

color : printed navy

fabric- swiss cotton


This lovely Boho long skirt is made from cotton/cherry soft and very comfortable .The skirt is in one tier and has a full elastic waist band .

A great piece to wear with a top .
Has a zipper locked side pocket.
It is very comfy to wear and easy to care .
Fabric swiss cotton/cherry

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