Fatima jilbab teal

Fatima jilbab teal 1780.00-3700.00

hajj, summer, jilbab-khimar

jilbab, hijab-fashion, niqab-style

Fatima jilbab teal-style-Full set-1

style: Full set


Fatima jilbab teal-style-Jilbab and plump pant-2

style: Jilbab and plump pant


Fatima jilbab teal-style-Only jilbab-3

style: Only jilbab


This jilbab is 60inch from head . With niqab attached . You can tie it as a niqab or you can style yourself like this photo, here the model used extra two layer niqab . Those who don't use niqab , they can wear it, the attached niqab will cover her chest line. There is chain in the sleeve for easy wudhu.
Fabric is Nada, very comfortable for summer, well draping quality so needs not to iron that much.
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